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It seems to be Hardware Store Jewelry Week here at Zodirowe, starting with my washer necklace from Tuesday. I always love a good theme party!

I was perusing Henry Happened again (see my first project inspired by this site here) when Stephanie posted this equally awesome idea.

See Stephanie's post here.

She made a cool industrial bracelet from a hose clamp and some ribbon. It was an inexpensive, quick, and easy project. As always though, I decided to expand on an idea and turn this bracelet into a watch! The technique was the same, just with a few added materials.

Here's what I used:

  • A simple watch with a leather strap, picked up from Wal-mart.
  • A seam ripper, although scissors could get the job done too.
  • An adjustable hose clamp, but check your local hardware store to find a size that will fit you best. (Located in the plumbing section)
  • Some string or ribbon. I originally wanted to use string but liked the look of the ribbon better. Your choice though!

First, I used the seam ripper to remove the leather straps from the watch. I chose a leather watch because the straps could be removed without damaging the lugs. You'll need those.

Ignore the nails. Thanks.

I weaved some red ribbon (on hand) through the hose clamp.

Once I got to the middle of the hose clamp, I weaved the ribbon through the watch as well, making sure to pull the watch face taut against the clamp.

Then, I continued weaving the ribbon through the rest of the hose clamp.

I glued the ends of the ribbons in place with some heavy duty adhesive. I also put some glue on the back of the watch, so it wouldn't wiggle. No one wants a wiggly watch.

Let it dry overnight. I put the watch on some paper so I wouldn't accidentally glue my new watch to the coffee table. It happens. 

Now you can enjoy being able to stylishly tell time!

And now, the lowdown.

  • Watch - $10
  • Hose clamp - $1.30
  • Ribbon - On hand
  • Tools & glue - On hand
Total = $11.30

I've worn this watch out and about and haven't had any issues, such as wiggling or fraying ribbons. However if it falls apart, this project only took me about an hour and wasn't too costly. The watch fits like a cuff, which I love. I've gotten a few compliments about my watch as well. And everyone has the same incredulous reaction when I tell them it's a hose clamp. Love that too!

A little tip to save you a trip, get your hose clamp from Home Depot, not Lowe's. The hose clamps at Lowe's didn't have slits all the way around, so you wouldn't be able to weave the ribbon all the way around the clamp. I wasn't paid or perked by Home Depot to say that. Just wanted to save you some gas!


  1. Oh my word that is so cool. I would have never in a million years thought of that. What a unique piece.

  2. What about the clamp? You can't get those off can you? I didn't see where you said anything about what you did with the clamp?

  3. @DONNA
    I left the clamp on. It isn't really a bother and I think it adds to the industrial charm of the watch.


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