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Hello Reader,
Thanks for stopping in to check out my little corner of the Internet! Pull up a (spray painted) chair and help yourself to a drink. Take a look around!

It has become my hobby to fix up, spray paint, and organize everything in my path. It’s really not surprising; considering I used to mess up my room just so I could clean it up as a kid. Did I just admit that on the Internet? Yes, yes I did.

I’m a receptionist by day and maniac organizer on the weekends. I have a lengthy blog roll that I read daily to receive tons of inspiration. I’m no expert but I love taking what I learn from these blogs and home magazines and putting my own twist on things. I am constantly inspired to spruce up and organize the little condo I share with my husband and “The Kids,” also known as Ty the dog and True the cat. I love the way blogs can share ideas and archive the transformations of a house to a home.

My husband bought our condo as a swinging single bachelor in 2006 (which he furnished quite well on his own). I took over moved in my stuff in 2008.

Our Wedding April 17, 2010

My little family and I are hoping to move in the next year (fingers crossed) so we are knee deep in projects to help us sell our condo. In an effort to put away as much money for a down payment as possible, I’m making inexpensive changes to stage our home for potential buyers, with the added bonus of making our current digs more enjoyable for us. Just because we’re moving, doesn't mean we can’t still love our condo!

We have our eyes set on an older home so we can get more square footage and really make the place our own. If all goes well, I will be posting about our renovations (mostly DIY) of our new abode.

Wish me luck!


PS – Did I mention I spray paint? I do that a lot.

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I have no problem with sharing my photos and content with fellow bloggers (it is the basis for my own blog) so feel free to borrow photos and link back to my site but please don't copy and paste complete blog posts without permission. It takes me a long time to write these things. At least 20 whole minutes.
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I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment to any post that tickles your fancy or you can e-mail me! I would love to hear from you! No really, I would.

As previously stated, I’m no expert. I’ve only tried what works for me. I (mostly) post projects that have worked for me but I'm not liable if you're injured or run into other problems after doing the same, or similar, projects. Please be cautious and don’t hesitate to do some additional research, such as asking the experts at your local hardware store to make sure you tackle your projects the correct way.

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