I didn't spend a single penny on any project (or pretty much anything else) for the entire month of February!! I achieved my goal!! Go me!! I still have more projects to post but I just had to toot my virtual horn for a sec.

Now, on to March, aka Paintapalooza. March is also the month of big changes for this little blogger. I got a new job! Woot! I'll be an Executive Assistant (who knows what that means) at a small company with my own office and, get this, a window! My mom was totes jealous. *apologies to Mom* This job will hopefully be the change I've been looking for, at least professionally. I'll get to organize stuff. I'm so excited! I also get a nice little pay increase so I may just have to buy myself a little treat.

Calm down, Husband. I was thinking of a frappuccino. Or maybe some hooks for the entryway. I haven't started the new job yet.

Anyway, back to the Paintapalooza.

As I've mentioned a dozen (or fifty) times in the past, we're putting our condo on the market this Spring so we've been making simple changes and upgrades to help us sell the place. We're planning on repainting our dining room, office, and kitchen cabinets. Can you tell I'm SUPER excited? O, you can't? That's because I'm not. Blah. I know painting isn't hard or too terribly time consuming it's's painting and I'm not a fan. The actual painting part I don't mind but I hate the prep and the clean up. So, if any of you want to come to my house for the next couple of weekends and:

  • move out my furniture 
  • lay down some drop cloths 
  • tape off and protect surfaces that will not be painted 
  • patch and sand any holes 
  • and then (when I finish the painting part) come back and clean up
  • fix any mistakes I made
  • and move my furniture back in
  • remove all of my kitchen cabinet doors
  • clean, degrease and prep my kitchen cabinet doors
  • once the paint dries, reattach all of my kitchen cabinet doors

By all means, PLEASE DO! I can provide pizza and beer. Or wine, if you prefer wine. Hell, I'll buy you all kittens and pedicures if you come do that stuff. I have no idea why I picked those two things. It's late and all this painting talk makes me tired.

Well, that's all I have for now. I just wanted to show my success with my self-imposed Free Project February goal and tell you all about my new job. Because you're my friends. Question: Do you ever refer to your blog friends in real life conversations to other people, and talk about them like your blog friends are your real life friends too? Even though your blog friend probably couldn't pick you out of a well lit line up? Yeah, I do that. Does that make me weird or stalkerish?

I hope not.

PS - Holy crap a post with no picture! Can't have that! 

Good thing Mother Ty-resa* came to answer our prayers.

*Husband came up with this name. I married a comedian. Be jealous.
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