Happenings at Zodirowe

Do you ever have those days or weeks (or even months) where you feel like you’re not making any progress on your goals? Yeah me neither.

HA! Fooled you! I totally feel that way! Like, most of the time.  Sometimes I feel spot on and like I’m making great progress. Not lately though. Lately, I’ve been feeling stalled. Well, not stalled because I’m constantly working on things. How can you be stalled when you’re always moving? I supposed I feel….. like I’m going no place fast. Unfortunately, the added “bonus” (whatever) of this feeling is that I don’t think I have anything worth blogging about.

Then, I had a light bulb moment. That feeling of constantly working but never making progress IS something to blog about. I know there are other people in this world who feel the same way sometimes! This was confirmed by one of my best buds, Carrie. We talk a lot about our never ending To Do lists and about get-to-eventually-hopefully projects. We’ve discussed, at length, how we just wish we could make headway on our home goals but we feel like we’re constantly working. We talk about other things too. Like mortgages and health insurance. Man, we’re getting old.  Anyway, it’s a pain we’ve both felt.

If you’ve had this same feeling, I’m afraid I don’t have an awesome solution for you. Other than the usual, focus on one thing at a time, make a list, blah blah, and all that we’ve heard before.  I do all of those things! What else is there to try?

I got nothing. BUT, I do have something that makes me feel a smidge better. I make a list of things I have done, even if it’s the smallest, most insignificant thing. So, here’s my list of things I’ve done that will make me feel better about myself. Also, proof that I DO THE THINGS! Honest! I swear!

1. I cleaned out Husband’s closet and started to organize it.

For the record, I don’t consider this project done. Not even close, really. The plan is to purge some clothes, get matching baskets for the top shelf, label those baskets, fix the door, get some cubbies like what’s in my closet, and take out that bottom bar/rack because Husband needs more hanging space.  I plan on blogging about the whole process, with pictures, when it’s done. In the meantime, this is just a little pat on the back for moving in the right direction.

2. I sorted through a bunch of old papers I found after working on Husband’s closet.

 You know these are old because there are bills from Cingular in here. That’s old, yo.

This bag and another box were in the top of Husband’s closet (as seen in the closet before photo) and were hiding mounds of old papers and mail. Husband, God love him, sucks with mail. It was almost an issue with us when we first lived together. Piles were plentiful until I took over the mail sorting chore. I didn’t want to in the beginning because I felt like I was encroaching on Husband’s stuff. Then, I got a ticket in Husband’s truck because he didn’t have an up-to-date insurance card in his truck. His new card was in one of the piles somewhere in the house. Ok, in all fairness, I also couldn’t find my license and my name wasn’t on the registration because we weren’t married. It was like I was an unlicensed driver driving a stolen, uninsured vehicle. I’m lucky I only got a ticket.  So, when we got married, I started to go through and file all of the mail. No more piles!

Well, there weren’t any more piles. I’ve been sorting a small stack of papers a day until I widdle this down. I have no idea how long it’s going to take but most of it is trash. I’m still sorting it because there might be pictures or birth certificates in here.

3. I made another pillow. Just for quick kicks.

Same fabric used here.

4. I’ve been changing the décor around here.

After the Christmas décor came down, I suddenly had a blank slate. I felt like it was time to change things up. I’ve been slowly but surely adding some new pieces and rearranging some old pieces around the house. This little vignette (that almost sounds too fancy of a word to use for some jars and ticket stubs) consists of travel momentos. The jars are filled with bits and bobs from our trips. From left, our Cancun trip with my in-laws, our first vacation together to Washington D.C., and various trips to Florida. We go to Florida every year so I just add to the same jar.

The small piece of black pottery is from our recent Cabo trip. The ball in a cup is an inside joke from another Mexico trip. The vintage camera is just cool and adds to the “World Traveler” theme.

5. I’ve added some real live plants around the condo.

Lucky bamboo from Wal-mart

Water Hyacinth also from Wal-mart

I don’t know if you can consider this an accomplishment but I do. I’ve been trying to breathe life into our home and this is a sure fire way to do so!

6. I made some jewelry.

Here are a couple of necklaces I made. I made the top necklace following this tutorial from henry happened. The other two bottom necklaces were made using some clearance beads I bought for $2 and a deconstructed necklace from my mom.  Cheap and easy, just like I like them! Yeah, I went there.

7. I've been labeling things like crazy.

I've been living in this condo for 4 years and I still couldn't remember what these switches did.

8. I’ve been having fun making art.

This piece was inspired from the melted crayon art that has been popping up all over Pinterest. I’ve also been having a good ol’ time with watercolors, acrylic, and more paint chip style art. All of this fun stuff is being used for another, bigger project which is …. (see #9)

9. Updating the living room!

New curtains!

New art!

That is correct. I’ve been making changes to the living room. New curtains, new décor, new wall décor (which is where the art work comes into play), and even a new little entryway rug is all happening as you read. Posts about that also coming soon. If I don’t shoot myself first. Ugh. So many bumps in the road. BUT! I can kinda see the finish line! Is that the finish line? Honestly, I can’t see a damn thing.

I think #9 should count as two things because I made curtains and I’m hanging new wall art. So, that’s 10 things I’ve been doing and making progress on around here.

Ah, I feel better already. Do you need a little boost? If so, feel free to list anything and everything you’ve accomplished! I mean anything! Did you fold a load of laundry? Get the mail from the mailbox? Finally put that pesky fork in the dishwasher (other dishes aside)? Put on pants? It all counts!
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