Challenge Accepted

The Petersiks and The Bowers are at it again and served up another Pinterest Challenge! I missed the last one so I was determined to make this one. I already had a pinterest inspired project in the works  and this was the perfect kick in the pants to git-er-done. Sorry. That last one won't happen again.

I mentioned in this post and this post that I was working on another paint chip art project. Here's the pin that inspired me!

Pinned here.
I had seen this image once before when I was working on my first paint chip art but when I saw it the second time, it stuck with me. As is my nature, I didn't copy this picture completely. I used it as inspiration and made my own version.

I played with several different layouts but settled on this one because of all the fun texture. It's pretty easy to DIY. First, I took a stack of paint chips and ran each one through a shredder. You have to be sure to keep the strip level so you get nice, straight lines.

Then, I arranged them how I saw fit, which was using the Roy G. Biv method, aka in rainbow order for my vertical strips. Brown and cream strips were randomly weaved horizontally.

Am I the only one who has to say Roy G Biv in their head when putting colors in order?

Once you're finished weaving, you're left with this!

Ah texture!

I framed the picture with a white matte to crisp up the edges. That is too a term.

Where to hang it? Not a clue. It's still leaning against the wall of the living room, fate undecided.
While I was working on my paint chip art, I was crossing off another Pinterest To Do.

Via Pinterest

It's a baking soda and orange juice mask. Good for the pores. Score one for multitasking. The site recommends keeping yourself busy while you let the mask do its thang because it can be itchy. Yeah. . .they weren't kidding. Luckily, the weaving portion of the paint chip art was easy and distracting. Two birds, one stone, and all that.

I know the drill. Pics or it didn't happen.

OMG I just posted a pic of myself with no makeup and OJ/baking soda all over my face. Only for you two, Sherry and Katie. Only for you two. Thanks to those crazy kids for hosting another Pinterest Challenge and getting my butt in gear! Now, I can have a board labeled "Done!"

The Glass Is Half Full

It's been over a month since I posted about being overwhelmed and things have been looking up! I've still had some moments of holy-crap-will-I-ever-reach-the-end but I've been chipping away at my list and (mostly) sticking to my resolution of not adding more tasks to my too long To Do list. Here's a nice bulleted list of what was featured in my previous post:
I've knocked a couple more things off that list, some of which don't really require a full post. We'll consider this a little check-in.

I worked on my napkin rings, purchased from Goodwill for a few dollars. I tried several methods to remove the glue and gunk. Everything from reheating the glue to soaking it in a solution of alcohol. Honestly, nothing really worked for me so I had to scrap this project. It may have been a fail but I feel better about it. It isn't hanging over my head as ONEMORETHING to do and I didn't waste any more time on a project I didn't think was that important. I didn't really need these napkin rings. Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses.

No go for these babies.

I turned a curtain I bought from World Market into a pillow, which currently adds a little extra support to my desk chair. I have plenty of fabric leftover so we'll see what I do with it! Sorry, but I don't see a link for this curtain online. Check your local store!

The napkins were inspired from a post on The project itself was a success. I spent an afternoon making some really cool dyed napkins in different colors. It was a simple DIY. Until I forgot one step. After you make the napkins, you are supposed to throw them in the dryer to set the ink. Yeah. . . I forgot to do that before I washed them. Womp womp. They are now faded and not so pretty.

Before the catastrophic incident.

I haven't decided if I want to redo this project or not. It's easy but very time consuming.

Let's have another look at that list, shall we?

Seven out of eleven tasks completed and blogged about! More good news = I've finished the paw print ornaments, office light feature, and I'm near completion on my paint chip art. Posts coming soon! The dining room light feature plans are still evolving, so I'll get it done when I make up my mind. Let's hope that is soon.

Wow. I'm feeling a lot better looking at all those strikes. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that I can go from a too long to do list to a pretty much finished list in about a month. Granted, there will always be something to do but I feel like I can handle it because, well. . .I did it!

Halloween is Here, Ya'll

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, I still feel like our decorations could use a little something more. But, this will do just fine. I've been slowly building our holiday decor stock. I buy just a few pieces a year so I don't blow all of my dough at once and I think it takes some time (and reflection or whatever) to really figure out what will look great in our space. Of course, this applies to our home all year long but we're talking Halloween here. So, here's a look at what we do to get into the spooky spirit at Casa Comeaux.

Here's the view when you enter our home. The skulls are from a string light I picked up from the Target dollar spot. I popped off the skulls and piled them in a cylinder vase I had on hand, leftover from our wedding centerpieces. The runner is from Hobby Lobby. It was a simple design and cheap. Sold. The small jar holds Reese Pieces. I like that our centerpiece is edible and useful.

I bought some fake bugs from the party store to line the bottom of an apothecary jar, then filled the jar with some candy corn. There used to be more candy corn but Husband got to it. I don't mind, now that I've taken pictures.

My chalkboard bowl is getting in on the action too.

I kept our mantel pretty simple, so as not to interfere with our TV watching. We are TV people. The crackle glass bowls are hanging lanterns I've had since college. The candlestick at the far end used to belong to my parents, now spray painted glossy black. The sticks are simply gathered from our yard and spray painted glossy black as well, arranged in the same type of cylinder vase. My sister suggested painting some sticks for easy and inexpensive Halloween decor. My sis is like a hotter, younger Martha Stewart. When she gives you decor advice, you take it.

I also painted some little pumpkins I bought last year a nice cream color and sprinkled them through out the house.

I left a few of them orange, for pops of color.

This area is getting a bit of a makeover. You know, when I have some free time. Ha.

The cylinder vase strikes again! This time is our half bath!
Lastly, our front door. Since no one really uses our front door, I decided to hang a wreath on the inside of the door, where it can be enjoyed a bit more.

I had some little birdies leftover from a shower that I, you guessed it, spray painted glossy black. Here's the before:

The beak and eyes fell off of one, which I think makes it even more appropriate  for Halloween,
Even creepier in black.
And those are the little doses of Halloween around our abode. Like I said, nothing too crazy but I'm working on it!

Any big plans for Halloween or cool decor ideas I could try? Next year, of course.
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