Mirror Makeover

I'm hard at work on a post about our living room update (yes, another one) but I'm not satisfied with the after pictures. I want to take more but it's 8:40 pm and not the best lighting situation. One of my personal goals is to have better pictures for my blog so it's taking more time and effort. Worth it? I hope so.

So, until I can take those pictures tomorrow morning, I have fun makeover to show you! At least, I thought it was fun. But I'm weird so...yeah.....

I painted a mirror!

Remember how I talked about better photos? Yeah....my camera went temporarily beserk and I lost my before pics. I think the puppy makes up for it though!

I bought this mirror from Target a year or so ago, which I don't see online but I still see it at my local store. There's a similar mirror available at Lowe's here but it's larger and more expensive than the Target option. It is a good mirror and all but I'm on a mission to lighten and brighten up our home, especially our living room. I did this project during February so I had to make it free.

I had some a lot Oops paint leftover from some molding touch ups. It's the perfect light, cream color and just what our living room needs!

I put two good coats on the mirror. I didn't use primer because I didn't have any on hand but, luckily, it wasn't necessary. Too coats were good enough!

Even though I originally taped off the mirror, I had some issues with the underside of the black frame reflecting in the mirror.

See the slivers of black totally messing with my light and bright vibe? Not cool, bro.

I ended up removing the frame to paint the inside, which would have been the easiest way to paint it anyway.

After two coats of Oops Cream, the mirror was definitely lighter and brighter but it was little too plain. The shape of the quatrefoil (which is my favorite shape) was kind of lost. I dug around in my stash and found a solution! A test pot from Wal-mart!

Glidden French Grey WGN52.

It's a nice soft, blue grey so it's keeps with the neutral colors we love but it has a little somthin' somthin.' I debated how to add the color. Should I paint the top outline or maybe the outer border? I eventually decided that painting the outer border would make the mirror shape pop the best. I used a small brush to paint my outline.

This also took two coats with a few touch ups.

 I must say, I love this mirror even more now!

I love this little corner of our living room even more now too. I picked up the rug from Target for $15, which I also can't find online but still see in the store. Theme!

I picked up the table from Ross so we could have a place to sit our universal remote. Also, qua-trefoil craze!

My mission to bring light colors into our living room is moving right along!

I'll take pics of the rest of the living room tomorrow and try to get that post up in a few days. Notice I said try. Don't hold me to this, Internets! Please?

What about you? Are you having to retake after pics? Paint any mirrors this weekend? Know where the hell I can find links to my stuff? If you have one, send it to me and I'll update my post!
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