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When I gave my old desk to Husband (see why here!), I also gave him the magnet board and shelf that were above my desk. I never really used that stuff, he could use it, and I wouldn’t have to put a bunch more holes in the wall to move everything. I have a real problem with turning our walls into Swiss cheese. Just ask Husband. I still needed something to go above my desk though, because staring at a blank wall just wasn’t cutting it for me.

I’ve recently jumped off the bridge joined Pinterest. As awesome as the site is for gathering inspiration, I still can’t let go of my magazine cutouts and random whatnot that inspires me. I decided a pinboard would be perfect above my desk. I could rotate items to keep things fresh and I could use it to help me feel inspired, since this is where I do most of my creative work. I had a smaller version of this project above my old desk but I knew I needed to change it up just a bit. I wanted more inspiration board, less memo board this time.

This is what I came up with to fill the void above my desk.


Wanna know what it’s made out of? Tough, I’m telling you anyway. In annoying detail, no less!

When I first moved in with Husband, I needed a cheapo way to organize my closet, since my dresser wouldn’t fit in our bedroom. I bought one of these (Source here!):

I swear they were cheaper when I bought them a few years ago. Plus, my cubes are silver and I can’t find those anywhere.

After settling in and setting up my new closet system (post to come soon), I moved part of this modular unit into a spare closet for additional storage. Since I only need some of the cubes, not all six, I was left with a few of these wire panels. I knew I could repurpose them in some way. As it turned out, I could!

I used some beading wire, just like the kind I used here, to attach the panels together to make a 3x3 grid.

Just wrap the wire tightly around the grids at intersecting points.


To hang the grids, I used some regular old picture hanging hooks I had on hand.

Yup. That's a hair. Keeping it real, yo.

Then, I followed the same method to hang my new pinboard as shown here on younghouselove using a paper template and some painters tape on the wall. Can you tell I read their site daily? They are DIY gods, I tell you! I don’t have a picture of that part of the process but the link will tell you all you need to know. It works better than any method for picture hanging out there. I didn’t have to put any extra holes in the wall! You hear that, Husband?! I only need to make three small holes! YOU’RE WELCOME.

I’m feeling totally inspired. How about you?

The grid work makes an excellent place to hang hooks for tools, shower/curtain clips for notes and magazine cutouts, and (being metal) magnets work too! The chalkboard is a canvas panel I painted with chalkboard paint. It was an extra from another project, which I hope to detail later. It looks a bit empty now but I know I will fill it out over time.

Get these here! However, I got mine from Target, but they aren’t available on Target’s website. Check your local store.

I also keep little mementos that make me happy here, such as 3D glasses from a spontaneous double movie date with some of my best gal pals and sweet cards from Husband. He’s actually quite the romantic. Don’t let him know I told you! Although, he totally reads the blog, so . . . I suck at secrets.

In case you’re wondering (can’t have that), the lamp is the same lamp pictured here, I just spray painted it blue! You see, with Husband’s new desk set up, he bought this awesome new lamp. It was like the classier version of mine.

See what I mean? Please allow the black and white to distract from the electronics on the base. I'm not allowed to mess with that stuff.

I tried to convince him to switch with me but the bastard he just wouldn’t budge. So I got some serious lamp envy. I couldn’t justify a $40 lamp just because of lamp envy. Believe me, I tried. So I decided to do the next best thing. I spray painted it! Isn’t that always the solution? Yes. It totally is. I had some bright blue spray paint on hand and just gave it a few light coats. Bam! No more lamp envy.

This project cost me $0 because I reused and repurposed items I already had on hand. Just for kicks, I’ll do a budget breakdown as if I had to buy everything but the storage cubes, in case you have a set of wire cubes that you can’t part with but are no longer in use.

Budget Breakdown:

Metal grids -$0
Curtain clips with hooks - $9
Magnets - $ 5 - 7, found here, here, and here
Beading wire - $ 2

Total cost - $16 – 18 (give or take)

Still not a bad price for a large pin board where I can keep things that inspire me and make me happy. I may attach a cork square behind on of the grids later on, but this will do just fine until then.

So what do you think? Are you so addicted to Pinterest that a pinboard has been rendered obsolete? Have you found any other uses for those metal grids? Feel free to share!

Organized Entryway

An organized entryway is essential for keeping an orderly home. A place for keys, a landing spot for your bags, and a spot to keep things like library books and mail; Without a designated area for these things, your home can quickly get out of control.

Whenever I move, this is one of the first areas I set up and organize. I may have unpacked boxes everywhere but by God I can find my keys so I can get the hell out of dodge, aka a messy, unpacked house.

This is what you see when you first walk into our home.

Come on in!

The cabinet is from Target, available here. I switched out the hardware to dress up the cabinet a bit. As you can see, it also makes a nice hook for a purse. The mirror is a metal wall hanging from Hobby Lobby that I glued a mirror onto. Here's some more detailed shots.

The memo board is just a frame I picked up at Goodwill and spray painted brown. I framed some scrapbook paper to give it a nice background. I used double stick tape to attach a tin sheet to the front, so I could have a magnetic surface for notes and whatnot. Tin sheets are available at Hobby Lobby (near model making materials) for pretty cheap. I keep my keys and some sticky notes in the red vase, which I received along with a nice flower arrangement as a congrats on getting engaged. The little chess piece is from the marble chess set I learned how to play on with my dad. It's just a nice little memento to greet me when I get home.

I picked up a pack of silver hooks from the Target dollar spot to hold my work tote and Ty's leash. I keep a little basket tucked away for some shoes, mainly flip flops.

Yeesh. Looks like I need to do a little paint touch up in here.

I ordered this hook from Amazon (get it here!) and it works perfect. The hooks swivel and it leaves a small footprint, perfect for a tight space! It can handle our heaviest winter coats, even though there's is absolutely no need for those right now. It is sweltering outside. I thought hell was supposed to freeze over once the Saints won a Superbowl?!

Here's look inside the cabinet. Let's all just take a moment to bask in the organized bliss of the bins. Ahhh. . . Ok, moment over. I use the bins to organize things I need to return to people (I'm really terrible at that but trying to get better. Honest.), stuff to take with me when I run errands, and various tote bags I might need. The bins are also from Target. My weekly cleaning checklists are in the frames on the inside of doors, which are attached with some Velcro strips. I also have a couple of hooks and a Post-It pocket not currently in use on the doors. Still working that part out.

I used a label hole punch and some metal rings to label the bins.

This little metal basket holds my compact camera and a few other essentials I like to have on hand, such as hand sanitizer and pepper spray. Yup, pepper spray. The orange magnetic pocket is from Target (notice a trend?) and  holds a couple of notepads, because God forbid if I'm ever without one. I keep a magnetic pen holder on the side for, you guessed it, pens!

And that's all she wrote! This little area keeps me organized so I can dash out the door in the morning without frantically searching for keys, purses, or pepper spray. You know, essential items for your morning commute.
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