Wishes Do Come True!

Hello all! How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic!

You may remember, but it’s totally cool if you don’t, I had asked for a label maker for my birthday. I wrote about it in this post about organizing my spice tins.

Get yours here!

Luckily, Husband reads my blog (and got my detailed email regarding my Birthday Wish List *ahem*) so he bought it for me!

Oh the things we’ll do together!

He bought it for me on my actual birthday and I finally got around to using it. Yeah, I know, procrastinate much? Anyway, my first order of business was to relabel my spice tins. Here’s what they looked like before.

Crappy handwritten notes. Effective but not attractive.

I few taps on the keyboard later. .  .

Here they are now!

 Effective AND attractive! It can be done!

It took .03 seconds to do and I wondered why I haven’t been doing this all along. WHY, I ask?!? So, I labeled a couple of other things around the house.

Picked up the dispensers at Ross for $5.00 and spray painted them Heirloom White.

These dispensers are in our guest bathroom. Now, friends won’t have to guess what kind of goo they’re squirting into their hands! Eww. Gross mental image. Ok, it’s gone now. Moving on.

I’ve read some complaints about label makers in general wasting tape. This one is no different. I noticed that when I typed one label, I got double the tape I actually needed. Not wanting to waste my precious label tape, I typed all of my spice names as one label and just added 2 spaces between each spice name so that I had one really long tape instead of six long tapes. The names were very close together but I think that is a good thing. Less waste = more labels. And isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Yes it is.

Did you have any great labeling adventures recently? Do tell because I love a good labeling story!


  1. I have spice tins like that and I can't get the store bought labels to stick. I need a label maker like yours!

  2. My spices are running a muck in my cupboard. I was thinking of doing this exact idea. And can't wait to get my hands on that label machine. Remember the clicky hand label makers they used to have? Miss those.

  3. Love the clear labels! My label maker makes me happy on a regular basis. Found you through IHeart Organizing.


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