I Got a Shout Out!

Thanks to Triangle Honeymoon for a great reader shout out!

See their sweet post here. It's about my ink blot art I posted yesterday and it made me totally giddy to see their shout out. I really admire their blog and it's humbling and exciting to be recognized by them.

Blogging is awesome.

What Do You See?

I'm currently working on a beast of a post about our living room updates. It has turned into two posts, actually. Just writing those posts has tired me out all over again so, I'll be working on them in small chunks. Very small chunks. At least the projects are finished!

After I finished our living room updates, I needed a little break. Thanks to Amy & Chad from Triangle Honeymoon, I found some awesome inspiration. Ink blot art!

I saw it here thanks to Chad & Amy. They found it here.
It seemed easy enough to DIY and holy crap it was fun! Am I lame for thinking this was fun? No, I'd like to think I'm "artsy fartsy." Yeah, that'll do.

It is seriously the most fun you will have globbing and smearing paint. No tutorial necessary. Just plop some paint in dots and lines on one side, fold carefully, and boom. Done. I used paint and paper I already had so this was free entertainment, which is great since I'm trying to recoup my finances after the living room updates.

How do you unwind after crossing off some big To Do's? See anything in my paint blots? I see a weird alien smiley face and a guy doing yoga. I don't get me either.
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