Vacation Post? Oh yeah. . . .

Back to regular posting, after a week in Mexico, during Thanksgiving week? What was I thinking? This is actually my third time writing this post. I had some issues with Blogger not saving my previous post attempts and then gave up. Then I was hit with a terrible stomach bug, which was closely followed by a cold I caught from Husband (as in the day after I got over the stomach bug). I'm still fighting the cold. Oh did I mention Husband caught my stomach bug right after he got better from his cold, so we've both been sick?

The house has been a wreck and I'm so behind on my Christmas To Do's, it's exhausting.


I have Monday off of work so I'm planning on using this three day weekend to get better and get my never ending To Do list under control. I'm determined to write this vacation post though. So, onward!

We went to Cabo, Mexico for a week with Husband's parents, sister, and her husband. We take a trip to different parts of Mexico with them every other year or so. Husband and I were glad to go because we usually have fun and it was nice to get away. Since we're planning on buying a house next year, this may be our last big vacation for awhile.

It's a family thang.
We stayed at a beautiful hotel called the Grand Mayan in San Jose. I took more pictures of the hotel than anything else. Sad but true.

I loved this tree stump table.

There were several really neat light fixtures throughout the hotel. I love me a good light feature!

I dug this chair. Yup, I said dug. I'm bringing it back, even though I don't think it ever really went anywhere.

More cool light features.

This was our room. Swanky!

There were a set of doors on the side of our whirlpool tub that opened into the rest of the room. You could watch TV from the wonderfulness of the jets. Heaven, I tell ya!

When you first enter the lobby, it's very dimly lit (aka nearly impossible to photograph) with these huge Mayan-style statues. It is a very bold impact.

We alternated between relaxing on the beach and/or pool and touring around the town. It was also tons of wonderfulness.

There were several levels of pools and the lowest one was an infinity pool right on the beach.

When you sat in these built in lounge chairs in the infinity pool, it looked as though you were right on the water. The water was a bit chilly on the bum but the sun kept us warm.

Next time, I will do this.

My favorite part of the trip was a boat ride out to the Arch.

Boat Buddies!

We went out right at sunset so it was gorgeous. The wind was light and perfect and it was just the right temperature. Awesomesauce.

There were lots of seal because there is a colony of seals that hang out at the Arch.

We spent another evening touring the downtown area during the Art Walk. Husband  and I had gone on an Art Walk in Puerto Vallarta during our honeymoon. I love Art Walks. They bring back great memories.

Beautiful beadwork. I love all of the inspiration I get during these things.

Ok, so this is less inspirational for me, more funny.

More awesome lights but these weren't at our hotel. They were at The Office, which is a neat little restaurant where the tables are right on the sand. Such a fun experience!

This was heaven for my brother-in-law.

Other than some crappy flight delays, the trip was great. The food in Cabo was amazing. I highly recommend Habaneros for a steak and their homemade chocolate dessert. Delicioso!

Well, I guess that's it. Back to work. *sniff* I miss you vacation.
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