I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m overwhelmed

How many times can I say overwhelmed? I think I need to say it a few more times. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. The worst part is that it is completely self inflicted. I DO THIS TO MYSELF.

I blame bloggers. No, I can’t blame them. It isn’t their fault they are all brilliant and I want to do all of their projects. I see a really cool idea and think, “O I want to do that!” Then, while I’m in the middle of that project, I see something else and, again, I’m all “I want to try to do that!” Rinse and repeat 50 gazillion times. Then, I loose steam.

Exhibit A.

I posted that picture last week (originally posted here) and this pile has only grown. Even with a three day weekend and a random sick day, I still have a long list to tackle. It seems with every project I finished, two more would take its place.

My project budget was being stretched a bit thin too. I decided to focus on projects that I already had the materials for and would cost nothing to complete. It seemed like the perfect solution because I would finish things and wouldn’t spend any more moolah. Win win, right? Ha! Alas, most of my pending projects needed at least one more “something” to finish, so that line of thinking failed me. *sigh*

This overwhelmed state of mind has definitely gotten to me. I’ve been forgetting things left and right. Gift cards, swim suit tops (just forgot to pack. Didn’t forget to wear, in case you think I went poolside topless. I didn’t. Don’t worry, Mom.), To Dos, pet care, and Husband care have fallen through the cracks of my shattered brain. My house has been messy a lot more often than not. Dishes and clutter abound. I think it’s also been affecting my sleep. It has definitely affected my blogging. I don’t have any good, finished projects to show you. Only half done misc. So, that’s what you’re getting today. Here’s a peek into the half-done, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed state of my mind house office To Do list all of the above.

Let’s be positive, shall we? We’ll just call this a preview of what’s to come!

This is pretty much done. I just need a good “final” picture.

I’m combining a couple of internet ideas to make this cool feature for the office. At least, I hope it will be cool.

Need to stage the after shots of our patio. Yes, I know summer is over but it’s still 90 degrees in the South, so I consider myself within the deadline.

Another paint chip art project. Almost done.

Using curtains in new ways!

This project was finished but a misstep on my part may lead to more work. We’ll see.

Thanks to Mom, this project will be finished sooner than anticipated.

 I have been working on cleaning and removing the hot glue off of these napkin rings for awhile now. I don’t plan on doing much else to them, but I’ll keep you posted if I make any major changes.

This recipe binder is in need of a major purge. Too many recipes have just gotten shoved in there with no organization!

Found these placemats at World Market for just a few dollars each. I see pillow potential.

These are supposed to be Christmas ornaments but I have a better idea in mind.

That’s not even close to everything. I have to leave you with a few surprises! Gah! Sorry, I looked at the list again. To make myself feel better, here are some things I finished but wasn’t planning on blogging. I didn’t think you would want to read about all the laundry I finished. I’m posting them now because I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something in the last few weeks.

 In case you DO want to see my clean laundry, here ya go!

Made Husband’s favorite dinner and made tiramisu for the first time. So, I didn’t completely drop the ball on Husband care.

Okay so this isn’t really an accomplishment but LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT’S A HOTDOG.

Okay, feeling a bit better. Mainly because of that last picture. For the record, I didn’t buy the costume because I thought it would be silly to spend money on something Ty would hate. He was only smiling because he was in Petco and that dog loves Petco, regardless of circumstances. When I showed Husband, he was upset I didn’t buy it. I guess he thought Ty might want to go to a Halloween party this year? Yeah, ok whatever. He did look pretty cute in it though. . . .

Back on track. I made a list of all of the projects that only require one, maybe two, things to complete. I will be focusing on those projects for the next few weeks. I just have to remind myself that I will chip away at this list over time and that I can’t add anything. I. Just. Can’t. Wish me luck. I’m staying positive! *whimper*

How’s your To Do list shaping up? Ever been so overwhelmed, you over used the word? (once more, overwhelmed.) How long did it take you to wade through the mess and make it to the end? Did you ever make it to the end? Lie to me, if you must. I need the hope.

Wishes Do Come True!

Hello all! How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic!

You may remember, but it’s totally cool if you don’t, I had asked for a label maker for my birthday. I wrote about it in this post about organizing my spice tins.

Get yours here!

Luckily, Husband reads my blog (and got my detailed email regarding my Birthday Wish List *ahem*) so he bought it for me!

Oh the things we’ll do together!

He bought it for me on my actual birthday and I finally got around to using it. Yeah, I know, procrastinate much? Anyway, my first order of business was to relabel my spice tins. Here’s what they looked like before.

Crappy handwritten notes. Effective but not attractive.

I few taps on the keyboard later. .  .

Here they are now!

 Effective AND attractive! It can be done!

It took .03 seconds to do and I wondered why I haven’t been doing this all along. WHY, I ask?!? So, I labeled a couple of other things around the house.

Picked up the dispensers at Ross for $5.00 and spray painted them Heirloom White.

These dispensers are in our guest bathroom. Now, friends won’t have to guess what kind of goo they’re squirting into their hands! Eww. Gross mental image. Ok, it’s gone now. Moving on.

I’ve read some complaints about label makers in general wasting tape. This one is no different. I noticed that when I typed one label, I got double the tape I actually needed. Not wanting to waste my precious label tape, I typed all of my spice names as one label and just added 2 spaces between each spice name so that I had one really long tape instead of six long tapes. The names were very close together but I think that is a good thing. Less waste = more labels. And isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Yes it is.

Did you have any great labeling adventures recently? Do tell because I love a good labeling story!
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