I’ve got a lovely bunch of washers, deedeely deedeely

Is that not how the song goes? Maybe I had a different version of The Lion King. Have I lost everyone with that *terrible* joke?

Labor Day weekend was uber-busy. I tried to wrap up some easy projects but, as usual, easy projects are not always easy. So, I didn’t accomplish as much as I had planned to but that could also be because I forced myself to relax a bit, spend time with family, and just try not to do too much. I have a tendency to overload myself with To Dos. Like a sickness.

See what I tend to pile onto myself? These are materials for about 5 different projects I had going on at once. And I had about elebenty million more not pictured.

One project I was able to knock out fairly easily was this necklace made from some metal washers.

Who knew hardware could look so good?

I found this tutorial  from Sarah of The Small Object. I can’t lie; it took me a few tries to get the hang of the weaving. Once I did, I made fast work of this project while watching some reruns of The Mentalist.

I used some washers (leftover from various furniture assemblies) I had lying around in our toolbox and some purple ribbon from Bed Bath & Beyond. No, I didn’t buy the ribbon. I had registered there (and Target of course) for our wedding and almost every gift I received at my bridal shower was from Bed Bath & Beyond. If you aren’t aware, they do free gift wrapping and use purple ribbons to wrap the gifts. I got a shit ton of purple ribbons. And I kept. Every. Single. One. Because, hello it’s ribbons. You can’t get rid of those!

I only had about 15 washers in my tool bag so I bought another little baggie for a buck. I used 30 metal washers in total. I wanted the necklace to be a choker style, with washers going all the way around my neck, so I used a shorter ribbon. I don’t remember the exact length because I just pulled all of my BB&B purple ribbon stock and said, “That one looks about right.”

I think it came out fairly well. And I used up some of my purple ribbon. Win win!

I still have a ton of purple ribbon, though. If you need purple ribbon, register at BB&B for your wedding. You will not be disappointed! Or you can call me. Your choice.


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