A Place for Husband

Or, at least, his feet.

Husband spends a lot of time in front of the computer at home, working away on his videos. We're talking four to five hour stretches staring intently at a computer screen, on top of his full time job, and treating me like a princess (of course). He puts a lot of work into his channel and I'm so proud of him for that. You're awesome, Husband! With all of his time at his desk, he wanted to be able to prop his feet up so he could be as comfortable as possible. My dad had gotten this ottoman a few years ago. Since he passed, it was no longer being used so my mom gave it to me. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to get free stuff? Because it is. Awesome.

Cat! I don't know why he always looks high in pictures. Lay off the nip, True.
It used to have some gold fringe but my parents cut it off. Smart parents.

I simply removed the legs. If I was going to paint them, this would have been the perfect time to do it. But, I preferred the wood look. Is that a look?

I picked up some cool fabric at a local fabric shop that was having a great sale. It was only $5 a yard. Nope, that's not a typo. $5 a yard! Thanks for showing me the place, Mom!

After a few hits with the staple gun, I have this!

This project took 15 minutes while watching TV. Gotta love those types of projects! For those who don't want to scroll (such as myself), here's a side by side of the before and after!

Now, Husband has a nice place to prop up his feet while he slaves away! I put the ottoman under his desk.

Oh. My. Word.
I'll We'll get right on that. Promise.

Chalkboard Crazy

In attempt to use up some chalkboard paint (first seen here, then here), I’ve been looking around my home for things I can cover in paint.

They’re safe. For now.

I have a few of these simple glass bowls leftover from our wedding, which we used to display our favors. They were actually leftover from a friend’s wedding. She used them for her centerpieces and gave me a box of them, even though I only needed two. Seriously, what would I do without awesome friends and family who need to unload their crap? Exhibit A. Probably have to *gasp* pay full price for things! O the horror!

Here they are in action at our wedding. Maybe I should post some pics of our wedding one day? ….

I don’t know why, but I wanted to make a chalkboard bowl out of one of these. Probably because I have 30 bazillion a few more in storage if it didn’t turn out.

I used a large Tupperware jug to prop up the bowl so that I could paint the edges without the paint drying to the paper. I’m learning from my mistakes! It’s like I’m not a rookie anymore! I mean, I am, but I’m getting better. Kudos for progress.

I few coats of paint and three days to let everything cure properly and viola! A chalkboard bowl!

This bowl sits in a pass through from the kitchen to the dining room and is the perfect spot for fruit and snacks. I also have plans to incorporate this into our Halloween d├ęcor, which I hope to have finished this week. I don’t do much to decorate for the holidays, but I try to do a little something just to get in the spirit. I should have that post up this week!

Now. . . . what else can I paint?

*rubs palms together* Excellent.

Maybe I could put a square of chalkboard paint on his head? It’s a nice smooth surface. I could leave him cute little messages! Hmmm, but how would he read the messages? Maybe I could put a chalkboard square on his chest. O! And then I could write messages backwards, a la Leonardo Davinci, so he can read them in the mirror! What do you suggest? I’m sure Husband would love to hear your ideas!
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