Chalkboard Crazy

In attempt to use up some chalkboard paint (first seen here, then here), I’ve been looking around my home for things I can cover in paint.

They’re safe. For now.

I have a few of these simple glass bowls leftover from our wedding, which we used to display our favors. They were actually leftover from a friend’s wedding. She used them for her centerpieces and gave me a box of them, even though I only needed two. Seriously, what would I do without awesome friends and family who need to unload their crap? Exhibit A. Probably have to *gasp* pay full price for things! O the horror!

Here they are in action at our wedding. Maybe I should post some pics of our wedding one day? ….

I don’t know why, but I wanted to make a chalkboard bowl out of one of these. Probably because I have 30 bazillion a few more in storage if it didn’t turn out.

I used a large Tupperware jug to prop up the bowl so that I could paint the edges without the paint drying to the paper. I’m learning from my mistakes! It’s like I’m not a rookie anymore! I mean, I am, but I’m getting better. Kudos for progress.

I few coats of paint and three days to let everything cure properly and viola! A chalkboard bowl!

This bowl sits in a pass through from the kitchen to the dining room and is the perfect spot for fruit and snacks. I also have plans to incorporate this into our Halloween décor, which I hope to have finished this week. I don’t do much to decorate for the holidays, but I try to do a little something just to get in the spirit. I should have that post up this week!

Now. . . . what else can I paint?

*rubs palms together* Excellent.

Maybe I could put a square of chalkboard paint on his head? It’s a nice smooth surface. I could leave him cute little messages! Hmmm, but how would he read the messages? Maybe I could put a chalkboard square on his chest. O! And then I could write messages backwards, a la Leonardo Davinci, so he can read them in the mirror! What do you suggest? I’m sure Husband would love to hear your ideas!

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