Halloween is Here, Ya'll

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, I still feel like our decorations could use a little something more. But, this will do just fine. I've been slowly building our holiday decor stock. I buy just a few pieces a year so I don't blow all of my dough at once and I think it takes some time (and reflection or whatever) to really figure out what will look great in our space. Of course, this applies to our home all year long but we're talking Halloween here. So, here's a look at what we do to get into the spooky spirit at Casa Comeaux.

Here's the view when you enter our home. The skulls are from a string light I picked up from the Target dollar spot. I popped off the skulls and piled them in a cylinder vase I had on hand, leftover from our wedding centerpieces. The runner is from Hobby Lobby. It was a simple design and cheap. Sold. The small jar holds Reese Pieces. I like that our centerpiece is edible and useful.

I bought some fake bugs from the party store to line the bottom of an apothecary jar, then filled the jar with some candy corn. There used to be more candy corn but Husband got to it. I don't mind, now that I've taken pictures.

My chalkboard bowl is getting in on the action too.

I kept our mantel pretty simple, so as not to interfere with our TV watching. We are TV people. The crackle glass bowls are hanging lanterns I've had since college. The candlestick at the far end used to belong to my parents, now spray painted glossy black. The sticks are simply gathered from our yard and spray painted glossy black as well, arranged in the same type of cylinder vase. My sister suggested painting some sticks for easy and inexpensive Halloween decor. My sis is like a hotter, younger Martha Stewart. When she gives you decor advice, you take it.

I also painted some little pumpkins I bought last year a nice cream color and sprinkled them through out the house.

I left a few of them orange, for pops of color.

This area is getting a bit of a makeover. You know, when I have some free time. Ha.

The cylinder vase strikes again! This time is our half bath!
Lastly, our front door. Since no one really uses our front door, I decided to hang a wreath on the inside of the door, where it can be enjoyed a bit more.

I had some little birdies leftover from a shower that I, you guessed it, spray painted glossy black. Here's the before:

The beak and eyes fell off of one, which I think makes it even more appropriate  for Halloween,
Even creepier in black.
And those are the little doses of Halloween around our abode. Like I said, nothing too crazy but I'm working on it!

Any big plans for Halloween or cool decor ideas I could try? Next year, of course.

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