Heaux! Heaux! Heaux!

For all you yankees, that means Ho! Ho! Ho! in Cajun country.

Tis the season for Christmas decor posts! Despite our "Week of Plague" (as I'm now referring to the week Husband and I were ridiculously sick), I was able to get some Christmas Spirit put up in a few rooms of the house. Just like Halloween, I have been building our decor stock slowly over time; adding a few pieces every year.

I keep our mantel pretty simple because we are TV people and we can't have anything too distracting near the glorious boob tube.

I bought these white stockings from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago and added some iron on letters to personalize them. Since Ty and True both start with a "T", I added an iron on bone and a paw print to distinguish their stockings. God forbid the kids mix up their stockings and True gets a squeaky bone while Ty gets catnip. I mean, what are we? ANIMALS?!?

I made these faux mercury glass candle holders using some mirror shine spray paint. Post about that to come...well, let's be honest.... eventually.

These are some of my favorite pieces because of sentimental value. The Santa is a music box that my mom bought for my dad when they were first married. It started my dad's Santa collection, which is epic to say the least. The camel is a Christmas camel my mom bought me when Husband and I first lived together.

Let me explain. The first Christmas that I moved in with Husband, I wanted to decorate for the holidays. My sister (the Martha Stewart-ish one) gave me the inspiration to do a "non-traditional" Christmas theme, meaning I would decorate in teal, green, silver, and everything would have a Morrocan vibe to it. Husband was ADAMANTLY against that. He wanted a traditional Christmas and thought we were crazy for wanting a Morrocan style Christmas. He made some kind of comment about how we couldn't decorate the entire place with camels. Or something like that. So, naturally, my mom tried to find a Santa with a camel or some sort of Christmas camel. She couldn't find one so she painted a red nose on a camel.

You gotta love that woman. She's still on the hunt for a Santa with a camel. Email me if you see one!

I added a few Christmas-y touches to our shelves with some simple red & silver glass votives and stars. I also threw some extra ornaments up there for even more sparkle.

Our dining room table consists of a runner I picked up at Target last year, but it's still on the shelves this year! Target also provided the small red glass bowl. I added some greenery and a white candle I already had on hand. The clear glass candle holders are from World Market and were on sale for $3 each. Sa-weet! I added some jingle bells and small green ornaments to the bottom portion for some holiday pizzazz.

Even our guest bathroom got a little holiday treatment with some poinsetta hand towels, glittery ornament, and a cylinder vase filled with ornaments. I added the silver band on top with mirror shine spray paint. That stuff is fantastic.

Ty's looking for his presents under the tree. Santa Paws knows better than to bring him presents early because he would just sniff them out anyway.

Last but not least, our little tree. It's a small table top tree some friends gave us (Or maybe we just supposed to borrow it. Sorry Cormiers! Mine now!!) that I placed on top of a corner shoe rack. That gives us more space to place presents, which have tripled in volume since I took this picture. Our tree is decorated a little sparse this year because a certain furry thing *cough cough* TRUE *cough cough* has become very interested in the ornaments and has knocked off a few already. Of course, he only likes to bat at the glass ones. Never plastic. So, all of our special glass ornaments were kept in storage, where they are safe.

Luckily, this one isn't glass so it could make the cut.

This was taken last year but it's still adorable.
From our family to yours, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a fabulous holiday season! Thanks so much for reading and supporting my little bloggity blog. It has been the best Christmas present ever!!

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