I'm Baaaack!

Did anyone else read that post title as the voice of Carol Ann from Poltergeist? No? Just me? Ok, moving on then. . .

We're back from our beach vacation. It was a much needed break but we're glad to be home. I'm glad to get back to blogging. I actually kind of missed it. Go figure. I'm still getting back in the groove though. So, here is some filler because I don't have anything else ready for posting. And these pictures have to be edited before Christmas. Don't worry, you aren't going to be bombarded with a ton of pictures. We didn't take that many. We go to Florida every year and, after our 5th trip, the pictures can begin to look the same.

There is a whole lot of this going on, meaning we do absolutely nothing. It's fabulous.

Something different this year. We had dinner at McGuire's and it was delicious. There was SO much food! This picture is just my appetizer. Yum.

We like to just chill out when we go on our annual beach trip. We enjoy a few drinks by the water, sit under a shady umbrella, go out to some nice dinners, watch movies, and eat plenty of junk food. We did smores by candlelight this year. For breakfast. It's vacation; That's totally allowed.

We also play mini golf every year. We are very competitive and play dirty. We'll distract, heckle, pester, and down right sabotage each other. Wes wins every year but that doesn't stop me from talking smack. And God help him if I have fewer strokes on any hole (heh) because I will brag about it like I'm Tiger Woods. I don't have any pictures worth showing from that because we were sa-weaty. Why we thought it was a good idea to play golf, in the sun, in 102 degree temps, I'll never know. Lesson learned. We do mini golf at night next time. We usually go in June, not August.

We also really missed these little animals.

How do you not miss those faces?

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