Step Two: Paint!

Husband and I had a nice long list of projects and To Do's when we bought our house. See that list here. Step One after buying the house was CELEBRATE!

This was our first time using our key and walking into the house right after we bought it. The brown envelope has our closing documents. Yeah, we were excited.

Right after we moved in, we moved on to Step Two: Paint. Specifically, the man room.

Not so manly right now.

This room used to be a little boy's room. As with all things, it was time for this room to grow up and become a man. Don't make that as dirty as it sounds.

This room is meant to be Husband's little bit of oasis. The room where he can do whatever he damn well pleases, such as relax without a nagging little woman around. Hey wait...that's me.....I just insulted myself on my own blog in a really sexist way.

Not much relaxing could really happen in here with the neon colors. So, before we even unpacked all of our boxes, we grabbed some paint swatches and Husband started picking colors. Since this is the Man Room (I should capitalize it from now on) I have nothing to do with the decor choices in here. I'll give my opinion if Husband seems stuck or asks but whatever he wants to do in here, he can do.

Husband and I try to agree on everything decor wise that we do in our home. This is OUR home and we should both love it. That's not to say one of us doesn't compromise sometimes but, for the most part if we both don't like something, it doesn't make it into the house. Except for our offices. We each get free reign in our own rooms. Teal walls in the office, here I come! 

Sidenote: There is one thing I'm not allowed to do in my office anymore and that's cut things with my dremel. I may or may not have been cutting molding in my office with my dremel and I may or may not have set off the smoke detectors in the entire house. I need a workshop, yo. Because I've been banned. *sigh*

Back to Man.

Husband wants his Man Room to have a classic, elegant feel. Maybe elegant is too feminine of a word. Classy? Fancy? High-end? Yeah, high-end. Manly and accurate. Think, modern lounge. He decided on a light, neutral gray with some warm undertones. The color is called Filtered Shade by Valspar.

Luckily, Husband's parents were free and willing to help us paint! We primed and painted the room in a day. Many hands made such quick work that we primed the dining room the same day!

Crappy phone pic. Nice.

We could have painted but we hadn't picked out a color for the dining room yet. Oy vey was that a long process. But that's another post.

We did have a bit of a hiccup that day. We only had so many rollers and brushes and, at one point, my father-in-law was left with no roller to help with painting. Not being the kind of man to idle, he decided to cut some overgrown bamboo that was along the side of the house. Unfortunately, that disturbed a nest of carpenter ants. The ants begin to scatter, with many of them climbing the side of the house and into the air vents that lead to the attic! These little buggers don't eat wood like termites but they do destroy it to make nests and tunnels. Husband and his dad had to act fast. They ran drove to a nearby pest control store and bought some heavy duty ant killer. Husband sprayed around the house and sprinkled the bait in the attic.

Details about these little buggers here.

Needless to say, Husband and his dad weren't able to help paint because they were a bit busy keeping our home from being destroyed. So, the two women (me and my mother-in-law) painted the Man Room. Is that irony? I'm not sure but it seemed like it at the time.

Our house is still standing so I guess the bait worked.

Here is the Man Room now, with a more subdued hue!

I'll post better pics when it's a room instead of a box graveyard.

And that's it. That's all that has been done to this room for the past 9 months. Sad, I know. Our current living room couch will end up in here. Until we could get some new furniture for the living room though, it has been forced to stay nearly vacant. Lucky for Husband, that will be changing soon!

We finally picked out and ordered a couch! We decided on the Karstad sectional from Ikea in Sivik dark gray.

We ordered the add on chaise as well. I know, I should rename this blog

We also ordered the aluminum legs but Husband said he may or may not be sold on those. We'll have to wait to see them in person before we say yes to using them. I'll post details when that happens.

The couch is set to be delivered this week! *squeal* Once we have that set up, we will move our brown sectional into the Man Room and Husband can really begin setting up his space. He currently has his favorite artwork sitting on the floor, leaned up against various walls. I know that some people do that and it looks cool and artsy but, trust me, it doesn't look like that in there right now. He was waiting on the furniture so he could hang things properly the first time. Until then, there hasn't been much incentive to do something about the piles of boxes and disorganized junk everywhere.

Wait! We did do one other thing to the Man Room! The ceiling fan was changed. Husband was looking to change out his white fan for a brown one, which would fit in with his style more. When he pointed out a few he liked, it struck me that what he pointed to looked very similar to what was in my office. And I had been thinking I wanted a white one! We really are soulmates! So, instead of spending dough on two new ones, we just switched. It was easy enough for Husband and his dad to do and we saved the moolah for other projects.

Use what you got it! Because sometimes, it is just as good!

Wow, this post is kinda all over the place. Painting the man room, dining room, ants, couches, fans, etc. I guess that is just a testament to what working on a home is like. One project leads to another and to another. It is just one big domino effect. I suppose that's why our homes are always In Progress.

I'm ok with that. How about you? What dominoes have you been knocking over recently?


  1. I may have missed it, but did you say what paint color was used for the Man Room?


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