New House!

Ladies and gents, I present to you *drum rollllllllllllll*

Our New House!!

It may not be much to look at from the front (trust me, it's on the To Do list) but Husband and I fell in love with what was on the inside.

This is the living room area. The natural stone tile is throughout the main living areas, guest bath, and laundry room.

This is the view from the front door. I love how everything is wide open & feels so spacious!

Just look at all of that MOLDING. I know, the picture quality is below average but mama doesn't have the money for a wide angle lens. Husband used his phone with a stitching app because it was the only way to do this open concept any kind of justice. And I didn't even have my camera with me at the time. And my laptop with pictures is in the shop.

I know our original plan was to buy an older home and fix it up. We wanted more square footage and thought we could only afford that with an older home. We were very fortunate to find, okay our Realtor found this spacious open concept home that was doable for our budget! Notice I said doable and not within. Yeah, we went a bit outside our original budget but still within our comfort zone. Actually, when we first started looking at homes, our budget was around $160,000-$180,000 which we quickly realized was LAUGHABLE around our city. Hence, the two years of saving and planning.

I was skeptical when I first saw this place. We drove into the neighborhood, with it's fancy gas lights at the entrance, and I thought, no way can we afford this. When we walked in the front door and I saw the triple crown molding and big open living area and I thought, there's no way, as a sarcastically cackled to myself.

O ye of little faith.

Just a few short weeks later and we had moved in!

The kitchen & sitting area.  O how I love this kitchen and sitting area! It is THE spot in our home during parties and get togethers. Still more work to do here but it has come a long way (functionality wise) since this picture was taken.

This is our master bedroom. Love the tray ceiling & it gets a ton of natural light.

The master closet. Yeah, my heart went pitter patter when I saw the built ins.
The master bathroom. The jacuzzi tub works and is a nice little getaway. We have some simple ideas to spruce this area up and we will probably do a bigger renovation/upgrade a few years down the line. It's pretty basic, with the exception of more drool-worthy molding.

This is my office and will also be the guest room.  Big plans!

This is Husband's Man Cave. was the first to be painted because ow my retinas.

I forgot to snap pics of the laundry room, guest bath, and kids' room. Yes, our pets have their own room. It's actually an office (because there's no closet) but it works perfect for a pet bedroom. Those rooms are also pretty basic and just needed some organizing and a little sprucing.

This place is fairly move in ready. I say fairly because there are always things to do to a new home. When Husband and I discuss our To Do list, we joke about our home being move in ready. Laugh cry mostly.

Just for kicks, here's a rundown of some of the things we want to do at our new Casa de Comeaux:

1. Landscaping in the front (although this will wait for spring because SO MUCH ON THE INSIDE).
2. Buy a lot of furniture  Like, a lot. My sister asked how our stuff looked in the new place and my only reply = "Small."
3. Organize. Organize. Organize.
4. Add a deck/more patio to the backyard. It's pretty small, ya'll. I'll have pics of that soon.
5. Paint the dining room.
6. Paint the man room.
7. Paint my office.
8. Set up a sitting area off the kitchen.
9. Add some art to any and every room. The walls are all still empty 8 months later. Ridiculous.
10. Make some matching built ins for the other side of the fireplace.
11. Paint the master bath.
12. Add some shelves to the toilet room of the master bath.
13. Add a bed and some other comforts to my office to make it a guest room.
14. Set up a mudroom by the back door for our daily junk.
15. Get shelving in my office to organize it.
16. Make a divider for the kids' room (details soon!).
17. About a million other little things.
18. Paint the living room a soft gray, which means painting that entire area. Oy. Vey.
19. Add a tile backsplash to the kitchen to give it a finished feel.

I'll be honest, some of those things on that list have already been completed. I really want the satisfaction of publicly crossing off some items. I have no shame.

Don't let the 19 items fool you. Pretty much every room needs furniture, organization, wall art, and decor. We are slowly but surely saving pennies and finding some time to tackle all of these projects. And I can't wait to share all of it with you peeps!

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