Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Yes, more chalkboard projects. I told you I still have a ton of that stuff left. This is a simple project inspired by Pinterest. Don’t you just love that addiction site?

 Pinned here. Original post here.

Chalkboard wine glasses! So simple yet so cool! No need for wine charms because guests can write their names or cool designs on their glasses. I’ve also seen gold dipped wine glasses (same technique) and I think that’s a neat way to make a mismatched set look cohesive.

These steps are easy enough. Gather your supplies!

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Glasses
  • Wax paper
  • If your glasses won’t fit into your paint container, you’ll need a bowl/Tupperware/container for dipping.

That is it, my friend. Dip the bottom of your glass into the paint and then let the excess drip off. I rotated the glasses for even distribution.

Then, I placed the glasses on wax paper.

I moved the glasses around periodically to keep the paint from pooling around the edges. The paint won’t stick much to the wax paper. I didn’t use a specific amount of time for moving the glasses. I just kinda eyeballed it and did what I thought would work.

Once you no longer see thick paint rings, you can leave your glasses to cure. No more movement necessary.

See how the rings in the bottom left corner are almost non-exsistent? That's how you know you're almost done moving the glasses.

Some wax paper remnants stuck to a couple of glasses but it scrapped right off.

If have some bare spots on the bottom of the glasses and you aren’t lazy like me, you can paint over these spots and leave the bottom upright to dry. I’ll do that eventually. Probably. Maybe not. It’s the bottom.

That’s all, folks! You now have some modern-ish wine glasses that company can get creative with!

I like that I can leave the glasses unmarked and they still look contemporary. Now, to go enjoy a glass or five of wine. Hey, I have to make sure all of the glasses work properly!


  1. really love this, but am guessing you have to hand wash these glasses only from now on, right?

  2. @Anonymous

    Yes but I have been hand washing them anyway. A wine guru friend of mine told me it's best to hand wash your wine glasses. Something about dishwasher detergent messing with the flavor of the wine?. ?? I'm not sure because I'm no guru but it's not like wine glasses get stuck on food. Usually.


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