Organized Entryway

An organized entryway is essential for keeping an orderly home. A place for keys, a landing spot for your bags, and a spot to keep things like library books and mail; Without a designated area for these things, your home can quickly get out of control.

Whenever I move, this is one of the first areas I set up and organize. I may have unpacked boxes everywhere but by God I can find my keys so I can get the hell out of dodge, aka a messy, unpacked house.

This is what you see when you first walk into our home.

Come on in!

The cabinet is from Target, available here. I switched out the hardware to dress up the cabinet a bit. As you can see, it also makes a nice hook for a purse. The mirror is a metal wall hanging from Hobby Lobby that I glued a mirror onto. Here's some more detailed shots.

The memo board is just a frame I picked up at Goodwill and spray painted brown. I framed some scrapbook paper to give it a nice background. I used double stick tape to attach a tin sheet to the front, so I could have a magnetic surface for notes and whatnot. Tin sheets are available at Hobby Lobby (near model making materials) for pretty cheap. I keep my keys and some sticky notes in the red vase, which I received along with a nice flower arrangement as a congrats on getting engaged. The little chess piece is from the marble chess set I learned how to play on with my dad. It's just a nice little memento to greet me when I get home.

I picked up a pack of silver hooks from the Target dollar spot to hold my work tote and Ty's leash. I keep a little basket tucked away for some shoes, mainly flip flops.

Yeesh. Looks like I need to do a little paint touch up in here.

I ordered this hook from Amazon (get it here!) and it works perfect. The hooks swivel and it leaves a small footprint, perfect for a tight space! It can handle our heaviest winter coats, even though there's is absolutely no need for those right now. It is sweltering outside. I thought hell was supposed to freeze over once the Saints won a Superbowl?!

Here's look inside the cabinet. Let's all just take a moment to bask in the organized bliss of the bins. Ahhh. . . Ok, moment over. I use the bins to organize things I need to return to people (I'm really terrible at that but trying to get better. Honest.), stuff to take with me when I run errands, and various tote bags I might need. The bins are also from Target. My weekly cleaning checklists are in the frames on the inside of doors, which are attached with some Velcro strips. I also have a couple of hooks and a Post-It pocket not currently in use on the doors. Still working that part out.

I used a label hole punch and some metal rings to label the bins.

This little metal basket holds my compact camera and a few other essentials I like to have on hand, such as hand sanitizer and pepper spray. Yup, pepper spray. The orange magnetic pocket is from Target (notice a trend?) and  holds a couple of notepads, because God forbid if I'm ever without one. I keep a magnetic pen holder on the side for, you guessed it, pens!

And that's all she wrote! This little area keeps me organized so I can dash out the door in the morning without frantically searching for keys, purses, or pepper spray. You know, essential items for your morning commute.

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