Ribbon Organization

I'm currently finishing up about a million different projects. I've been really scattered brained lately. I have three nearly complete posts waiting in the wings. So, the most logical thing to do would be to avoid those projects all together and post about ribbons!

I used some folded note cards to organize my ribbon scraps. Once you fold the card a few times, you simply staple it together. Then, wrap your ribbon scrap around the card and hold in place with a paperclip. I saw this trick on a blog somewhere a long time ago but I can't find where. If anyone knows where this idea came from, please let me know so I can link to it. I want to give credit where it's due!

For my ribbon rolls, I used a dowel rod measuring 3/16" x 36" I picked up from a craft store. The dowel was thin enough to cut to size with a pair of scissors.

It cost $.50. Nice.
I used a white basket, like this one, to store everything. I put the dowel through the holes in the side of the basket to hold my rolls of ribbon, just like Suzanne at The Mother Huddle.

Cable ties keep the dowel in place. I left the cable tie on one end kind of loose so I could slip it off to add more ribbon rolls. Thinkin' ahead!

This is the end result! All of my ribbons and bows are organized and easy to access. With room to grow my collection.

Ok, procrastination over. I have a three day weekend starting tomorrow. I'm hoping to wrap up a bunch of projects and maybe even find some time to relax and hang out with my family. Wishful thinking? Probably. But, sometimes that's all you have!

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