Love Birds

Here's a simple art project but it carries so much meaning, for me anyway. I saw this post on tatertotsandjello awhile back and decided to make my own version. The original blogger was dresdencarrie.

Source here.

I thought it was cute and seemed easy enough. However, I don't have a sewing machine or a Silhouette so I improvised. I used scrapbook paper, my printer, and double stick tape instead.

I searched Google Images for "bird outline" and picked my favorite. It's the aerie symbol. If I were selling this on Etsy or something, I would make my own bird outline because I wouldn't want to commit copyright infringement. BUT. This is just for me. No harm done, right? *checking for cops over shoulder*

Source here.

I printed out the outline on regular copy paper and then cut out each bird.

I wanted to make the birds stand out a bit so I used a blue sharpie to color the outline of each bird. The trick is to draw around your image, allowing the sharpie to "bleed" a colored outline. Does that make sense? No? Well, here's a pic then.

Clearer now? I used the bird like a stencil and made sure my marker was right against my cutout.

Next, I searched through my scrapbook paper stash (for the love birds) and settled on this blue pattern.

Make sure the birds are mirror images!

Once I had all my ducks in row (ha! A pun!), I used my trusty double stick tape to attach everything to another sheet of scrapbook paper.

Oh, and I cut out a little heart too.

Ok, time to get sappy. If you're not into that, feel free to skip ahead. The reason this art spoke to me (corny, I know) is because it reminded me of Husband and myself. We're like the two blue birds. No matter how different we are from all of the other birds, he and I are the same bird. Husband understands me better than anyone else. He's my other half. He's my matching blue bird.

Ok. Sappy stuff is done. On to the final picture!!

Now, I just need a place to hang it. I'll probably keep it on my pinboard until I find a suitable frame. This project was completely free to me because I used materials I had on hand. Meaningful and free? Awesomeness!

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