Organizing Cards

A recent tweaking of my office closet (post coming soon) led to another project, as it always seems to do. I decided to re-evaluate my greeting card storage. Originally I had everything stored in this box.

From the Container Store

This system worked well but it took up a lot of valuable space. The world of blogging has inspired new hobbies for me so I needed all the space I could get for supplies and projects. I've seen various systems to organize cards in files. During my closet purging, I found one of these that wasn't being used.

Also from the Container Store. Mine's in blue though.

I simply sorted my greeting cards by genre and labeled the sections in the file folder. Then I organized the cards in the proper file.

I love the new system! Before, my cards were all mixed together in a pile. Now, I can easily grab the card for the right occasion. It also helps me see when I'm low on a particular type of card so I can replenish my stock. I like to always have a few birthday and thank you cards on hand. Plus, this takes up way less space in my office.

See? Less space and more organized. Love!

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