The Man Closet

We have a closet under our stairs I have dubbed the man closet. It stores our tools, electronics, Husband's shoes and laundry, winter coats, and a few other miscellaneous items. Man stuff. It can also become a catch all which can get messy.

The view walking in, not too bad.

 Around the corner . . .

Since most of this stuff belongs to Husband, I couldn't just toss it out. I pretty much just rearranged items to fit better. I was able to find new homes for a few things to clear up some space. I also got a new-to-me tool bag to help store our tools more effectively.

I admit that I'm one of those people who sees a pile of clutter and just continues to pile. I would see junk on the closet floor and wouldn't bother to put my tools away. That's why I'm so OCD about keeping the house clean and organized. Order keeps me in order.

Here's the closet after about 20 minutes of work.

Hey look! A floor!

That's a little better. It's still a bit more crowded than I would prefer but we can access everything and I've labeled all of the containers so there's no digging required. Here's hoping we can keep it like this!

Crap. It was worth a try.

Have you ever spent some time organizing only to have clutter creep back in shortly after? Do you have a man closet?

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