It's on the market!

It's official. We listed our condo for sale! Wooty woo!!!

Here's the flyer we put together.
We also listed our property online here...

And here!

Is it sad that we had to take pictures with my husband's phone, which has an app that stitches pictures together, because my super duper fancy camera only has a standard lens and it would have taken twice as many pictures to showcase all the features of our rooms? I really need a wide angle lens. Certainly not going to buy one now because we need to save all the moolah we can!

I have to admit, it is really nerve-wracking posting our home for sale. I know I post pictures of our home on this blog but now, you know exactly where I live. It's frightening but necessary. Please don't stalk me. Unless you want to buy the place. It which case, I'll bake cookies when you come over.

It feels so great to finally have this done! And now.....we wait......and hope.....*gulp*......


  1. Best of luck to both you and your hubby. Selling and buying are both difficult tasks for a couple. Hope you sell quick to pursue your dreams!

  2. Woooo that's a big deal! We've never put anything on the market--unless crap on craigslist counts, which I'm pretty sure it doesn't--so I can only imagine what you're feeling. What kind of cookies will you bake if I stalk you? Could I exchange them for time with my shower curtain? ;)

    1. I think that shower curtain for some stalking/cookie rights is a perfectly reasonable trade. It is an awesome shower curtain.

      What kind of cookies would you like? This weekend good for you? :D


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