Our Family – An Introduction

I thought it fitting to introduce the little family who makes creating our home important and worthwhile.

First and foremost, let me introduce the Husband.

He makes my world go ‘round. He is a wonderful friend and partner. Not too shabby to look at either. Rawr. He is incredibly supportive of all of my crazy ideas. He will be honest if he doesn’t care for a project (i.e., the pallet bench) but he still supports me at least “trying it out.” He is willing to have his mind changed, although I’m sure he hopes I’ll change my mind first. Most of the time, you can find him shaking his head at whatever “makeover project”  I bring home from the dumpster Goodwill my mother’s house wherever I find something. Lucky for me, he will cheer me on and live with his truck parked out in the sun while I spray paint something in the covered carport.

He has his own slice of the internet here. He posts YouTube videos of tutorials and reviews for Droid X mods. So if you have a Droid X phone and want to find ways to make it awesome, check him out!

Of course, we can’t forget the Kids. Our dog Ty is a 4.5 year old chiweenie who is very lovable to us. I specify to us because he doesn’t like strangers or even people he’s met multiple times. The trick to winning Ty over is to ignore him for the first 15 minutes you meet him and then give him bacon. After that, he will gladly sit at your feet or toss his ball into your lap. He can toss a ball with some force, so beware!

Then there’s True; also known as True Love and Truly Bad (mainly by my mother). He is a 7 year old house cat with extreme agoraphobia. Seriously, he never goes outside. He will freak out even if you suggest it. He doesn’t warm up to people. Period. It takes years for him to be able to peek at you from the stairs. However, he only took about 8 months to warm up to Husband when we moved in together, so I consider that progress on True’s part. He is very snuggly with us and loves to be in the middle of what I’m working on.

And those are the loved ones who reside in our condo!

PS – O wait! I forgot me!

Now that's everyone.

PPS – If you’re wondering if having two anti-social pets gives me a complex about having kids, the answer is yes. Hence, the no babies status.

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