I promise I am hard at work on some posts. No really. I am. I've been having a wicked case of writers block, though. Has that ever happened to you? What did you do to get over it? Every time I sit in front of my laptop to get to work, I can't make myself type. No words come out. I can't make any kind of order out of my thoughts.

So, I'm going to bribe you all with cute pictures and videos of the Kids.

The biggest development for our little family = True stepped outside! I mentioned in one of my first posts about True's fear of the outdoors. It's a pretty severe fear. He actually has a lot of fears and anxieties. Loud noises makes his fur fall out more than usual, he's afraid of new people, gets upset if anyone yells (it doesn't even have to be fighting, just raising your voice), and any kind of change freaks him out. Moving is very stressful for him. Hell. When Husband installed surround sound speakers in our living room and we suddenly had these little black boxes hanging from the ceiling, True had trouble dealing. He stared at them for awhile, panicked, and went upstairs. I really should start giving him Prozac or something.

In the past, if you tried to bring True outside, he would scream bloody murder and would not hesitate to rip your face off to ensure HE NEVER GOES OUTSIDE OMG NEVER OUTSIDE! But, things are changing. My baby is making progress. He comes downstairs now! He sits on the couch with us! He is no longer deathly afraid of Husband!

He didn't venture out much farther than this but, I'm telling you, this is huge.

It's so major for our family, we had to take video. I will warn you now that there is nothing special about this video (except I say a cuss word. Yeah, those happen.). It is just True sniffing at stuff right outside of our backdoor for about 2.5 minutes. You could skip over the video and you're life would not change in anyway. We just HAD to get this on video. Husband's dad has never seen this cat. We need video to prove True exists. Like Bigfoot. But Bigfoot hangs outside a lot more so he would be easier to see than True.

One thing True has never been afraid of is laundry baskets. Seriously, this cat can't get enough of them.

As soon as I finishing putting away the clean clothes, he hops in for nap time.

Now, it's Ty's turn! Here's a video of Ty running back and forth between the back door and the front door. Some may say it's cruel because we're teasing him but we're just helping the little guy stay in shape. Our laughter is how we show support!

He doesn't run around like that all the time. In fact, we have more pics of him sleeping than just about anything else. That's mainly because he looks so damn adorable when he's asleep. See for yourself!

Passed out on daddy's feet. Gah that's cute!

PS - He's asleep on me right now.

Here's another funny thing about Ty. He tries many tactics to get his dinner early. I promise he gets fed the proper amount of food everyday but he is on a strict diet. Ty is half dachshund and has a long back. Any vet or dachshund owner will tell you that obesity for a dachshund is a death sentence. It puts too much strain on their back and can cause their back to break, leading to paralysis or even death. We love our little buddy and want him to stay healthy and keep us company for a loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time.

He still tries his hardest to get dinner just a few minutes early. First, there's pitiful begging. He's so abused and neglected! Not. (Yeah, I'm bringing that back.) Then, usually I start mocking him and he gets pissed and lets me know he is mad at me and wants dinner RIGHT NOW LADY. His last tactic is sickness, starvation, and death. He's coughing because, oh he's dying!

It's all very dramatic and like a Jersey Shore style tan. Orange. O wait I meant fake. Yeah, fake.

Trust me, he's spoiled. And very loved.

So, does this make up for my lack of posting for the last few months? 

How about now? I wasn't kidding about the high volume of sleeping dog pics.

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