Happy Anniversary, Husband!

Today marks two years Husband and I have been married. Shocker, no?

I kid, I kid. It's pretty easy to be married to someone as awesome as Husband. Here's a little list of just how awesome.

He's very supportive and helpful of my many, many crazy ideas.

Here he is helping me finish the canopy for our
patio after I was ready to give up.

He's an animal lover, just like me. He's great with the Kids.

He's funny as hell and constantly cracks me up.

I can tell by the way he looks at me that he adores me, which is always nice.

He puts up with my crazy antics.

Recognize this from the blog header? It
kinda sums us up. Me = goofy. Husband = Oblivious Cool with

I can't help but go gaga for that smile.

Sorry, I just turned into mush. So.
Damn. Handsome.

He helps make our house a home.

He's also (among many other things) sweet, loving, and genuine. Oh, and he's my sugar daddy. And looks great without a shirt on. But, I can't show you that because then you would all be knocking down our door and I don't like competition.

So, to my amazing Husband. I love you more than anything. You are so special to me. You are my partner, my best friend, and my soul mate. You make everyday a little brighter, just by being you. You make my world go 'round. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for all that you do. But, I promise to try. I love you, my Wesley! Happy Anniversary.

I promise to go back to our regular programming and cut out all this mushy stuff. Eventually. 
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