A New Living Room. Again.

Does busyness ever stop? I'm guessing not.

I started my new job last week! So far so good! They haven't told me to leave and never return, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Husband and I tackled some BIG projects last weekend thanks to some helpful family. More about that to come. I still need to take the after photos.

I had to post about this condo update now though, because Husband was pretty insistent. He figured you all would really like what we did to the living room. He's kinda cute when he gets these crazy notions.

Last you saw of the living room, it looked like this.

Yeah, that lasted all of five minutes. In fact, my mother (who bought us the curtains as a present) didn't even get to see the curtains in the living room. Sorry Mom. You gotta act fast around here! Husband and I lived with the set up for awhile but something felt.....off. We really liked the art work and the curtains seperately, but they just didn't jive together. We like jive. I think it was too much square.

While Husband and I were out and about, we stumbled across this perfect set of curtains. They are simple, light colored, and still had a little something so they weren't completely plain. We both liked them instantly, which meant we bought them on the spot. We've learned that if neither one of us has any reservations about a (home related) item, we should just buy it, no matter what it might be. We have yet to regret any of those purchases. Usually, one of us really likes something and has to convince the other why it is so awesome. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn't. But if we both love it with no hemming or hawing, it is meant to come home with us!

Available here, from Lowe's.
We both loved the subtle texture on the curtains. It filters the light really nicely. See for yourself!

Ok it may not be that spectacular in photos but it looks fab in person. Honest.

I picked up the white throw (Available here!) and the white pillows (Available here!) from Bed Bath & Beyond. The throw and the pair of pillows were only $20 each, or $16 if you have a coupon, which I always do. Seriously, I don't even bother stepping foot inside a BB&B without my stack-o-coupons.

Don't fret about the previous curtains.I pinned them to some brown curtains in the office, to give them a little more jive.

One last look for those who don't like to scroll!



Much better!

I know I've been kind of absent (ok really) absent the past few weeks. I'm hoping to get a better handle on life now that things have settled down with the new job and some of our bigger condo projects have been crossed off of our list. What have you all been up to? How's life? I've missed this place.
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