As promised. . .

Remember this?

From this post.
 Let's take a closer look at what's wrong with that picture.

Eek! Ok look away look away!

This is the cord situation under Husband's desk. His hobby requires a lot of tech stuff, aka cords. Sarah would declare this a science fair. Yeesh. This is an easy enough job to tackle.

Especially with the right tools!

Thanks to some command hooks, cable ties (I forgot to photograph) and these little cable hook thingies (that is totally a technical term *ahem*), I was able to clean up this catastrophe! I bundled the cords together with some small cable ties, attached the hooks to the back of the desk, and then hung the cords. Out of sight out of mind! FYI, when you stick the black hooks to something, they REALLY stick. No drying time necessary!

Yes, cords are still visible. I couldn't have everything tied up too tight because Husband needs some slack in his wires. Why did that sound dirty? Or was that just me? Anywhosit, I consider this a vast improvement in our cable situation. And if anyone were to peek that closely under our desk and complain, they probably wouldn't be invited to our house anyway.

This clean up took about 20 minutes total. I probably could have done it in half the time if the dog hadn't farted while sitting under the desk with me.

Don't let that sweet face fool you. His gas is terrible.

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