Tiered Stand

Here's quick post about a quick project!

I made this tiered stand following this tutorial on Heidi's blog. Her site has a lot of other great ideas for inexpensive updates for the home. Check it out! It's so easy! I followed her tutorial to the letter.

Heidi's stand, seen here.

During one of my usual Goodwill stops, I found a candlestick that could be unscrewed. I simply spray painted the candlestick white and added a glass knob to the top (found at World Market for $2.) I went for white so that I could mix and match the holder with other plates.

The candlestick after a few coats of paint.

I found melamine plates at Target for a couple of bucks of pop. They have tons of styles and are constantly adding new ones. I drilled a hole in the center of each plate, slowly and carefully so as not to split the plate. This was a very tedious process because my drill battery was dying. Learn from my time wasting mistake and charge your tools! O wait, you do? Good for you; you're smarter than me!

After the paint dried, I stuck the plates along the center rod (heh, yes I'm twelve), and put it all together.

Viola! A reason/place for dessert!

Budget Breakdown:
  • Candlestick - $2
  • Glass knob - $2
  • Paint - on hand
  • Plates - $5 for two
Grand total = $9

I love that I can get other colors or patterns for cheap, so it's a really versatile piece. It's also great for the storage impaired because you can take it apart to store it away. I can't wait to use it for my next party! Or just to showcase something yummy.

What about you? Made any simple and cheap entertaining ware lately? Ever made a project that gave you an excuse to make dessert?

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